What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an extremely durable, dry finishing application. A dry powder is applied to grounded metal parts via a powder coating gun/system that provides and electrical charge to the powder itself as it is sprayed onto the grounded part. The parts are then cured in an oven to form a very durable, protective finish.


Why is powder better than traditional liquid paint?

Powder is primarily the preferred option over traditional liquid paint because of it’s longevity and durability. Powders are designed to withstand the elements, chemicals & liquids without chipping or degrading over time. The limitless amount of colors, gloss levels, textures and finishes are also a major component of powders popularity.


Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes! Powder does not have the same solvents and VOCs that traditional liquid paint does. Excess powder can also be recycled and reused decreasing the amount of waste.


Do I have to remove the existing paint or coating?

Powder should almost always be applied over a completely bare/clean metal. Chemical stripping can be used to remove previous paints and coatings. Media blasting is the preferred method which can be used after chemical stripping as well. A correctly media blasted surface is ideal to ensure the powder has the proper surface to bite on to.


Can I apply multiple colors?

Absolutely! You can apply multiple colors if you’re looking for custom masking, areas you do not want coated or for truly custom finishes like dormant and candy colors where multiple stages are required.